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A Summary of Web Image Resources by Sue Bride

Dotted around this blog you’ll find various posts and references to web images. These are useful for both blogging and social media. I’m a strong advocate for using good images to attract and interest visitors.

I upload free to use, no attribution required, images and photos on various social channels. I publish and link to web image information, tips and resources.

Image Resources on Sueblimely.com

Free Web Image Downloads

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Web Image Tips and Tutorials

Antique Post

Online Image Generator Tools – I added this for amusement value. How far we’ve come since 2008

Online Image Resources

I’m an image hoarder. I have a voluminous, varied, visual collection. (I also like alliteration). Many of these are public domain images which I can share with you, to save you searching time.

Free Web Images Facebook Page

On my Free Web Images Facebook Page I post about free image sources and resources. I link to articles giving branding, design and editing tips, and review image editing tools.

I regularly add public domain images to categorized photo albums. These are a mix of those I’ve downloaded and those I’ve created myself. You are welcome to download and use them, for personal or commercial purposes, with no attribution needed.


You’ll find me here on Instagram. I’m not been a heavy user mainly because I work from home and my computer and laptop are always available. Now I’ve installed some wonderful mobile apps, it appeals more. I’m looking forward to the day Instagram has web-based app with all functions.


You can follow my image related Pinterest Boards:

I created this resource for you, my readers. Please let me know if you’re interested in any particular topic about images for web or social media. Are there any questions you’d like to ask. Contact me or message me on Facebook if you’d rather not post them as a comment here.

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