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Ways to Show Gratitude to Fellow Bloggers

What are the ways to show gratitude to fellow bloggers? I talked of the importance of showing gratitude to other bloggers in my last post. Now I give you some examples of how to do that and I’ve made you a free e-book containing gratitude quotes, notes and words.

The Basics

Some are obvious and you probably do some of them without thinking it’s because you are thankful.

  • Commenting on and sharing blog posts you like.
  • Replying to comments on your own blog.
  • Visiting blogs of those who comment on your blog. (Reciprocating)
  • Visiting, sharing, commenting on your contacts social media pages.
  • Adding a top commentators widget to a sidebar.
  • On Twitter, using an app that thanks your top followers each week.

Taking your Gratitude a Step Further

These require more time and effort but I believe it’s well worth it. It also shows your gratitude more than by the standard tasks above. I don’t suggest you do every one of these. You can do a selection over time.

  • Rather than a one-off comment or share, do it regularly.
  • Instead of always sharing posts directly from the blog, share the blog post links they add to social media.
  • Add @ references to tweets where auto plugins don’t do it (this means finding their twitter feed and copying their handle)
  • Include hashtags in tweets and retweets.
  • Message, or email, to thank people when their blog posts have taught you something new, or given you motivation and advice.
  • Find their social media accounts and follow them on all those that you use yourself. Even if you don’t visit some platforms often, make an effort to like, comment and share their posts when you do.
  • Share blog posts on social media and bookmarking platforms outside the list of sharing widgets displayed on a blog. Examples: Stumbleupon, Delicious, Flipboard, Scoop.it, Tumblr. It’s quick and easy with a browser share plugin such as Shareaholic.
  • Although you may not want to share posts outside your own topic areas on your business networks (Facebook Page, Twitter…),  they may suit your FB timeline or one where you share more generic topics. Maybe set up a Pinterest board just for blogging friends images. Set up and use lists in Facebook to target shares to those interested.
  • Re-post one of their Instagram photos, giving them credit. I use Instamate for reposting. You can see my review on this at: Use Instagram On The Web from Your Computer.
  • Write an endorsement on their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Share their promotions (for giveaways, e-books, products and services …) and help them make more money.
  • If there’s a paying product you wish to buy, find out if a fellow blogger has an affiliate link to it. I often look in the PAC  shop first and if the product is listed, I’ll join from there. (They use a rotator so you buy from one of the members)
  • If there are ads on their blog that interest you, click on them.
  • Give them a free gift of one of your premium products.
  • Introduce them to contacts, or invite them to groups, you think will be of use to them.
  • If you see they have a problem, help them out where you can. Don’t wait to be asked. Use your own knowledge and expertise. However, even if you don’t know a solution straight off, do a search and send them a link to the answer. Don’t assume a person knows enough about a topic to enter the right search terms, or to look elsewhere. (I recently found a support email address for someone within a Twitter message, when I couldn’t find it on the business website)
  • If they’ve published on Amazon, write a positive review.

Ways of Keeping Track

  • Bookmark blogs and social media accounts to a dedicated bookmarks folder, or make a note of their links in your note-keeping system.
  • Add them to a separate list in Twitter, a dedicated friends list in Facebook, or a distinct circle in GPlus.
  • Make a note of which tasks you’ve completed and those you still need to do.

Reasons for Extra Gratitude

Although it’s not possible to thank everyone so extensively, there are circumstances where more than a one-off comment or share is warranted.

  • They regularly visit and comment on your blog or social media channel.
  • They helped you with a problem.
  • They wrote a guest post for you.
  • They bought something from you.
  • They take time to chat to you to get to know you.
  • Their blog posts regularly teach you something new.

Of course, gratitude isn’t the only reason to help someone. A struggling new, promising, blogger might need support, encouragement, more followers and blog visitors. You can do it just for the satisfaction.

As a thank you for reading this please download this pdf e-book containing gratitude quotes, notes to add to messages or images and a selection of words to use when saying thanks. No sign up needed:

Download Here

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