Outsource Explosion, Theme Change, PAC Knows Book

Do you plan to post more regularly but other things get in the way? That’s been the case with me over the last few weeks.

Personal matters aside, I’ve created a new blog theme, learned about outsourcing, and co-authored a book with the team from PAC.

WordPress Theme

Although I really like the Divi theme and still use it on other sites, I’d customised it so much that this site became slow to load, despite me moving to the faster Siteground hosting. I also wanted to learn more about the Genesis framework and how to build a theme from it. You might not notice much difference, apart from the header image, because I wanted to recreate the homepage as it was.

Outsource Explosion

Marketing wise I needed to learn more about increasing views and sales to e-commerce sites. When my blogging friend, Mandy Allen, came out with a new course on outsourcing I jumped at the chance to read it. Despite keenness to develop my neglected niche sites, and build others, I haven’t found time for it.

Mandy teamed with Keith Purkiss to create the Outsource Explosion course. Both are experienced Marketers and Keith runs both online and offline businesses largely through outsourcing.

Through the training, you learn how to work through the maze to find reputable, well-priced outsourcing, mostly through Fiverr. Offloading tasks in areas you are less experienced, or just don’t have time for, leaves you free to concentrate on important matters which match your skill levels and interests.

Before the course, I didn’t know where to start with Fiverr, who to buy from, or what to buy. Now I’m confident to build up my niche sites through outsourcing.

Mandy gave me this free PDF document to pass on to you giving some tips on Fiver and links to reputable suppliers.

Five Outsourcing Tips

PAC Knows: Wisdom from PAC Expert Authors

Covering all sorts of marketing and blogging topics, 14 expert authors from PAC share their knowledge in “PAC Knows: Wisdom from PAC Expert Authors“. My own contribution is about Web Images, what kind to use, where to find them free, and how to edit them.

Next week’s post is about ways to show gratitude to fellow bloggers and social contacts.

Do you outsource any of your tasks? Have you used Fiverr?

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