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I Made a Basic Blogging Mistake and Results Suffered

I made a very basic blogging mistake. Against all conventional wisdom, I haven’t updated this blog for far too long. Apologies, to those who came along to look for something new.

So why did I make this mistake? Why and how this damaged my site? (look at my blog stats at the bottom of this post)

Reason for Neglecting This Blog

There are a few reasons for my lack of recent content, but most only diverted me for a few weeks early in the year – son on long summer holidays, a visitor from overseas and some house renovation.

The reason since then is my mood and motivation. Lulled into a false sense of security, I halved the meds that stave off a genetic metabolic problem, which causes depression and anxiety. Don’t worry, it wasn’t severe because I now have lots of tools in my arsenal for combatting anything major. If you compare depression to a cloud descending then mine were Cirrus rather than Cumulonimbus.

All was fine for a few months then a kind of brain fog descended and, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of what to write. My online activity mostly composed of reading world news, quite obsessively! I really did need a catch-up but it’s not the best for lifting a low mood is it? In hindsight, my series on Creativity was probably a reaction to my losing it, and finding out how to change things!

I’m now back on the maintenance dose of “SNRI goodness” that will help my Fragile X Carrier brain function at, its own version, of full capacity.

So why is it important to update blogs regularly?

Why Update Blogs Regularly?

Regular readers expect regular content

If there’s no new blog content your regular visitors either stop coming back or do so rarely. There are no blog update emails, RSS updates or social media posts.


Google decides you’ve nothing new to offer the world. and, of course, you don’t. With so many posts published each day, your old content, unless it’s fantastically popular, gets lost in the dark depths of listings. From the stats below, I reckon over half a billion posts were published since I wrote my last post. (Jetpack enabled + non-Jetpack WordPress sites + Blogspot + other blog platforms)

According to WordPress Stats which only includes Jetpack-enabled blogs:

  • There were over 87 million posts published just in March this year.
  • These posts attracted over 44 million (legitimate) comments. (Akismet catches 1.4 billion spam comments each month.)
  • Over 409 million people view more than 24.6 billion pages each month.

Over time, the more posts you have on your blog the more search engines will notice you.

Reduced Comments

You’ll receive fewer comments and lower the amount of search engine visitors. Neil Patel studied comments on Quicksprout and worked out that 16% of search engine traffic comes from keywords in comments.

Social Media Neglect

You don’t have your own new content to share so, not only do you lose search engine traffic, you lose visitors who find you via social media. If you are totally away from the blogging scene you won’t even re-share existing content.

You lower your chances that others will share your content.

Reciprocation Lapses

Being out of the blogging loop likely affects the amount of commenting you do on other blogs, reducing reciprocal visits, and discovery by others who comment.

How the Mistake Affected This Blog

As you can see the news isn’t good.  I’ll need to work hard to get the numbers up again. If you’d like to help me out, I’d appreciate ideas on topics you’d like me to write about. Have you ever lost motivation for blogging or stopped for a while for other reasons?

Thanks for coming here, or coming back, to this site. I appreciate you.










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