How to Easily Make Free Picture Quotes

There are plenty of online tools and mobile apps to help you to easily create free picture quotes.

For your background images you can use your own photos and images  or those downloaded from one of the free photo sites. My favorite is Pixabay because it has the largest selection and there’s no need to add a  reference to the image creator*. Using an attribution free site like this avoids you breaching copyright.

There are also plenty of online sites providing lists of quotes, sayings and jokes. Popular categories include motivational and inspirational quotes, love quotes,  funny quotes, sayings and comments.

Online Image Tools To Make Free Picture Quotes

Here I review a range of options that I have tried out for you.

Each one allows you to upload your own background images, or create an image from scratch, using background colors and various effects, and to add text. You can re-size your images to suit the program you are uploading them to. These applications do vary in the number and type of features, and ease of use, but for simply adding text to an image none are too complicated.

I have tried each of these photo editors myself as you can see by the example picture quotes I have included here.  I have only included the easiest, quicker tools here as you do not need anything complex for this purpose.

Manually Type in your quotes


Canva for web (or for IOS) is my favorite because of the large range of free background images, templates and fonts.

  • Simply choose which size image you need to suit the social network(s) you plan to post your image quote to.
  • Choose or upload a background image.
  • If you want, add frames, overlays, decorations from the Canva templates. See my post Edit Social Media Images for some ideas and examples to add interest and uniqueness to your picture quotes.
  • Type in your text.

Canvas Design School section is excellent for ideas and examples.


Quozio is a very quick and easy and you can make use of this immediately, with no learning involved. One problem is that there aren’t many background images to choose from.

Once you’ve created your image,  you can either save the image to your computer and upload to social networks, or post directly to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest using the share buttons at the bottom of the generated image window. (see image above).

The Quozio browser bookmarklet allows you to use text from any website. Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. When you are on a site and find text that you want to use text for an image quote, highlight the text, hit the Quozio bookmarklet button to copy your text into a Quozio pop up window.

Tools with inbuilt quotes for making picture quotes


What sets Desygner apart is that you only need to create one image and, at the press of a button, the size changes to suit your choice of social media networks.  For example, create a picture quote to suit Facebook, download it, click the Change Picture Format button and choose Twitter. GPlus or Instagram. I’ve written a post here: Save Time with Desygner Image Editing App

Although Desynger doesn’t have inbuilt quotes you can choose from templates created by others that  do include quotes.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is a free resource which includes over 500,00 searchable images. Add your own quote text or choose from the inbuilt quote section.

Advantages of Pablo

  • Once you create an image you can auto change it to suit Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • It integrates with Buffer’s scheduling tool to post to your social networks at the best times.
  • With their chrome extension while browsing the web, choose and post images and text straight into Pablo. Just highlight text, right-click on any image (or hover over images and click the Pablo button). and it opens it in Pablo.


Stencil (previously ShareAsImage) is an image creator and picture quote maker with inbuilt backgrounds, templates, fonts, and quotes. The pro versions are excellent but the free version has restrictions on usage per month and inbuilt backgrounds and templates You can, however, upload your own backgrounds.


QuotesCover.com is a simple to use tool for creating free picture quotes, as well as other social networking and promotional images.

A large range of categorized quotes are available to choose from, which are automatically inserted into whichever size image canvas you have chosen. Choose a background color or upload your own background image.

There’s a limited choice of font sizes and styles but this is a quick easy tool to use.


Recite is a simple picture quote maker with a large selection of quotes to choose from, ordered by category. However, the range of background images is limited and there’s no way to remove the Recite logo. It’s good for making a quick image quote.

Mobile Apps for Picture Quotes


Wordswag for iOS and Android has many designer built templates for adding professional looking text to images. Included are hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and jokes as well as access to around 600,000 free background images from Pixabay.


InstaQuote for iOS and Android includes thousands of inbuilt quotes as well as templates and background images.


As mentioned above, Canva doesn’t have inbuilt quotes but creates great looking text of images


All these online resources will allow you to create free picture quotes by adding text to photos, images or plain backgrounds.

*Pixabay uses the Creative Commons designation CC0 Public Domain. Virtually the only thing you can’t do is claim the image as your own.

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Do you use one of these tools or others I haven’t mentioned? If so please let me know by leaving a comment below.















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