Hello and welcome. Sue Bride is the name, Sueblimely the nickname. Blogging, Social Media, WordPress, Digital Marketing is my game. I work from home while being a carer for my disabled son.

I moved to my dream location 5 years ago; after living in London, Sydney, and Melbourne, for many years. I now live on the Mornington Peninsula in a coastal town.

I enjoy discovering new tools and resources and started blogging about them in 2006. I’ve always had a desire to help others, and to pass on what I learn. When I talk about or recommend something I have always tried them myself first.

As well as this blog I run a site offering you free resources and a daily online magazine all about social media. I also have the privilege of being a regular author on the Power Affiliate Club (PAC) website. PAC is a friendly and helpful, community.

I first started blogging about 12 years ago with a blog for family and friends only. Having migrated to Australia from UK it was an ideal way for me keep my overseas family and friends updated with news and photos.

My plans to go back to work when my 3 children started school didn’t work out because of the needs of my youngest son who has a disability.

So I did a Diploma in Management and worked part-time at home doing bookkeeping and accounting, a solitary occupation. That was OK for a while but I did not enjoy it. My former career in human resources in London suited my University social psychology and sociology qualifications but this did not.

A web design course started my ongoing learning of web development. This became focused on user-created content, with WordPress and other free content management systems. Small businesses now had an easy and inexpensive way to own a website without the ongoing costs of paying someone to update content.

Online marketing was my next venture which fits well with my web design, blogging and social networking experience. I sell my own WordPress Solutions and various tools and resources to help with online marketing, blogging and social media.

My youngest son suffers from Fragile X Syndrome, a condition not well-known when he was diagnosed. My original reason for going online was research, soon followed by early social networking via IRC and ICQ. With the emerging social web came an opportunity for me to spread awareness of Fragile X and to develop online support structures for other parents. We now thankfully have a large worldwide online support structure.

The divorce rate for couples with a disabled child is higher than normal – up to 85%. My own marriage didn’t last and I needed to seriously start earning. Once my two oldest left home, I sold my house and moved to a cheaper, although beautiful, area outside Melbourne. My aim now is to keep this house and provide for the needs of my youngest son, who will always be at home with me.

Updated 2016